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This Is Why I Always Have A Soft Spot For Creative Jobs (Like So Much!)

One of the most frequent question people throw to me is that how could I land myself in my current career? And I never have other answer than it just happens. But now I am getting know it.


I am actually confused of how surprised people knowing that I choose to eventually develop my self in a media and advertising field rather than jobs that relate with my former major, psychology. Because as I widen my networking, I become know that much of people experience the same thing;

Going further but faster out of their real paths.

And in my perspective, a bachelor psychology is much relate with any jobs that consist of human relationship, right?


But do you really want to know why I become madly in love with these whole different path career, which is in a creative industry field?

Because they appreciate people based on the talent and skill we have, not based on a shitty sheet thing that full of numbers and requirements that sometimes end up in a dustbin.


I might feel sorry of being sarcastic but this is true. And maybe, my college friends do feel the same.


It’s not that I have never been trying to grab a job in my major that mostly in Human Resources. I did, at a very time after I graduated. With a powerful spirit of pretension getting a settled job as at least recruitment staff. But believe it or not, with the Cumlaude title on my certificate, I could not even get a call out from a hundred resumes I sent. Wow, life is hard, I know.


Up until now, I still have no idea how they were not attracted with the numbers, the certificates, the achievements, the experiences that I cattered for them. Some say that it was because some companies are too scared to hire an over-qualified person. That was why I wasn’t sold well. And that is also why it still doesn’t make sense for me, at all.


Fortunately, I always have an eyes for media and journalistic since I was in a high school. I have been so active in a media event and have a dazzling interest in writing. So, I just tried making an attempt on that field. With my very poor and amateur writings, I applied for some magazines and advertising agencies company. And shockingly, out from five resumes that I sent, they all called me. Woah.


Attending their interviews, I had a time when it’s hard for me to decide which offer that I would take. Yes, I turned from someone who didn’t even have an appeal into the most wanted one (at least for those five companies). I chosed to join with an advertising agency which was a startup and worked for a year there.


Asking to the person who hired me, he said that he had a feeling I might have a talent to develop, regardless the zero experience I brought that time. The interesting part is that they didn’t even ask me which university I graduated. They didn’t care if I was an awardee of popular scholarship or if I was the best graduate of my program.

All they put an attention was only my writing and the willingness I had.


For some of you maybe think that this is unfair. But for me, this is how I feel like we are all being equal in a creative industry. It’s not your certificate numerical things or the university you were from that matter, but what you have in your creative mind and how you could bring it on for them. The other interesting point is that, at least in companies that ever hired me, they would spare a time and energy to train and develop your zero experience self if you could show them your high motivation.

It’s not like ‘I like your university and your qualifications, let’s work with me’ but more like ‘I know you have a talent and you want to improve, let’s work together’.

Once they have an instinct that you might be able to contribute a lot by being improved, they wouldn’t doubt to let you work with them.


But, I also have to admit that there are always a two-side coin of everything in this life, so does a creative jobs. Because the talent, skill, and ability are very considerable in this field, and also the wheel is always rolling, you can’t take a granted for the competitiveness. We are demanded to always open our mind, see our surrounding, and never feel enough of ourselves. To adjust with the expansion of era.

But that’s just how I still and will always a soft spot for this career field. What about you?


Because Not Everyone Has To Be A Main Character in Our Lives, And It’s Really Okay


Have you ever counted how many people you’ve ever met in this life during your age, how many faces you’ve ever seen when crossing paths or dreaming in the night, how many name of them that ever stopped off on your mind maybe when you both met in the events, a week seminar, or just had a cup or two conversation and you never met them again?

I believe that we all start as stranger in every kind of relationships we have.

A friendship, a work partner, a relationship, a flirtationship, even siblings. We all started with knowing nothing about each other. Actually, this kind of wander always show up every time I’m on the end of any kind of relationship I got. I always rewind the time how we met. The first impression I had about someone. How they greeted me or maybe just ignored me like they didn’t wanna talk with me. Then as the time goes by, as the time we spend together, we become know each other little by little. Maybe the chat started with our same favorite singer, our same opinion toward bombing issues, our debate of something that led us into a closer relationship, or even the hard time that embraced us together.

And from that day on, the stranger that we knew before turned into our friend, our best friend, or even our lover. Actually it’s easy to change someone’s status for us. Time. The more time especially hard time we spent with them, the more closer and deeper we got along with them. The more deeper we knew them, the more we were far afield as a stranger for each other anymore. We got a new story, they got it too with ourselves within theirs. Vice versa. But sadly, it’s also so easy for someone we knew well turned into stranger for us. Maybe we used to talk with them over the night till the late 2 A.M. then they just never talked to us anymore in the next days, not even texted us. Maybe we often hangout with them like we won’t ever run out of time then they just don’t wanna see us anymore.

I experience it a lot. And so do you. We all have someone who used to know us so well that now become a very stranger for us. And in this life, it’s not seldom we wonder about how magical someone that was only a stranger become so intact and close to us right now.

But one thing that I believe. There’s always a purpose of we meeting persons in this life, even only for a while. It’s like—there’s always a motives behind our meeting with a stranger. You know. Like when you’re up to wait the train to come, and you have a small talk with stranger. Or when we ever become a friend with someone. Or when we ever trapped in flirtationship. Every kind of ‘coincidental meeting’ always takes us into a bit story in our lives. Those persons, those strangers are like a cameo in or own story. They left nothing but a little touch of our lines. And it’s okay to have them.